Premiere: Contours – Seven Arched Tongues


Our favourite section of any orchestra has to be the Rhythm Section. It's the engine, the driving force – and Bradley Zero's night was more than instrumental, if not a primary component, to Peckham's musical pool exploding the way it has over the last couple of years. The label from which the night spawned has had an exceptional first year and sauntered into it's second a couple of months ago in June. Following the beautiful, laid back, nocturnal grooves of Chaos in the CBD's Midnight in Peckham, Rhythm Section Intl. see the ninth release showcase the polyrhythmic, textured work of Contours, lilting, rolling rhythms shuffling under optimistic chords and breathy, fuzz-edged bass;

Technician is out on 13th November via Rhythm Section International – pre-order your copy on Bandcamp and iTunes.

Photo: Kate Berry