Premiere: Conformal – Mono + Gen Loss


It had been a bitter winter; the kind of cold that you could feel in your bones. The nights came early and stayed for what seemed like forever, many could barely remember what the sun looked and felt like anymore. The snow had come and gone, taking with it all of natures colours. But on this morning, something changed. The branches of the trees had been bare for an eternity but now they brandished green leaves protruding from all angles, and in the surrounding fields vibrant flowers were working their way out of the ground. The change of seasons was upon us; brighter days lay ahead…

Icelandic label Lagaffe Tales are welcoming a new talent to the family, Swedish producer Conformal. Adding to their existing discography that includes Moff & Tarkin, Felix Leifur and Moony Me, Conformal's Juice EP flits between house and techno flavours, from the heads down dubby sounds of 'Kosingen' to the bright shuffling tones of our premiere 'Moss + Gen Loss'.