Premiere: CLOCK DVA – De-Konstructor (Atom™ Remix)

5 Minute Read
2354_WALLET_FOR_VINYL_313X313_SPINE_3MM [Convertido]

Gnarly bass driven electro with hard hitting synth power.

The machine was oppressive and loud, it watched from the skies above, like a great overseer from the beyond. The people down below knew not why or who was behind the bulking beast but they could remember the sunshine and the life that had existed before. That, they would never forget.

It was always there, watching their every move as they came and went. It was a deconstruction tool, designed to break apart the pieces of a society which was once rife with colour and care. Now it was all gone.

It knew everything, the de-constructor. It was everything.

That was all.


Valencia based record label Frigio are set to release a remix package which features alternate versions of tracks from CLOCK DVA. This one is a hard hitting electro focussed EP which is built for dark, sleazy rooms. The Atom ™ remix was the stand out cut for us with a riotous saw driven synth and dark moody, alluring vocals.

Listen below: