Premiere: Clandestino – Quiet Storm


From their space high on the hillside in Sant Josep, the three maestros conjured musicality and mayhem, oblivious to the darkening of the once crystal skies outside. As they layered their mix with beats and sorcery, the ocean below turned slate grey, mirroring the devilment in the skies above. All ears were tuned to the machines four-four kick, and this greedy distraction and sweaty hedonism left them unaware of the natural calamity descending imminently.

For their third release Clandestino step into the light themselves to present two original tracks. A-side ‘Another Horizon’ channels a heady late eighties vibe, while here ‘Quiet Storm’ quickens the tempo. From an expectedly solid 707 beat, gentle swathes of distant synths lap this retro houser. As the rhythms fill up the space, deep throated vox samples and old school piano vibes bring forward the dance floor heat as the storm swells overhead. Acid rain. 

Clandestino – Another Horizon EP is released by Clandestino on 19th May 2017 and can be pre-ordered HERE. Follow them on Facebook.

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