Premiere: Circadian Rhythms – Nocturnal Fly


Under the glow of the moonlight there was a haphazard creature who flew with a sense of chaotic disarray. It buzzed and whizzed between the flickering lights in the hope that it might find some safe place to land amidst the outback. It was a nocturnal fly and lived only for the evening hours in which it might find the glimmering buzz of electrics and the whirring machines. It was drawn to the warmth like some sort of strange, abrupt thermal magnet, small and riotous. 

Brussels-based label Basic Moves return with a collection of tracks from Circadian Rhythms AKA DJ Deg, that charts music the Belgian producer crafted between 1989 and 1994. The six tracks represent his own personal take on the sounds of his NYC and Chicago house heroes at the time; think proto-house and hazy techno. Basic Moves have unearthed these dusty ninetees gems and pressed them on a special double LP for your listening pleasure…