Premiere: Chico Blanco – Gominola (Bawrut Remix)


The sound was euphoric, it roared and echoed loudly between the four walls as sweat dripped from the ceiling and energy radiated between each body. This was a dance, a place for dynamism and expression. People had travelled from all over town to move and freak, this was what they’d came for. As the lights began to flash and the drums began to bang he looked around and cast a glance at each spellbound mover and their delicate precision. It was time to hit the floor…

Chico Blanco is a a Spanish producer and vocalist with a deep rooted love for club music. He has invited a collective of musicians to remix his work on a new EP for his own label, Mareo. This one features Bawrut, a man who needs little introduction. 

Listen below: