Premiere: Charlie – Picky Picnic


Embarking the train to her destination she felt a pang of nerves, her belly churned frantically. After months of virtual back and forth, she’d built this face to face meeting up in her head, playing out all possible scenarios over and over. In her mind everything depended on this going well, she’d already decided this was her last chance.

Eltron’s Dom Trojga imprint shares a sentiment about this year that will ring true with many: “despite it all, it was music that kept us going, that held us together while we were apart, that lit our hope, that coloured our days.” In that spirit, for their fifth release they’ve brought together some friends and label artists, past, present and future, for their second V/A in the Domownicy Różnoracy series. Eltron’s fellow Seltron 400 member SLG is back again for volume 2, and this time he’s joined by several other talents from Poland’s electronic music scene; jamaszka_FT, Evius, Botanica, and two debuts on the label from We Are Radar co-founder Olivia and Szum boss Charlie.