Premiere: Chambers – 313 (Debacle Records)


You can hide all manner of things within an almighty chamber – whether this is all manner of secrets, a giant snake or some kind of idea that we haven't just got from watching that Harry Potter film too many times. All kinds of thing big or small can be held in a chamber, there really are no limits to the glory of what they can hide – if only they could help us hide our emotions, they'd be the perfect chasm of mystery.

But sometimes these chambers give back and it sounds as though Chambers have a wonderful knack of putting together some aural treats – well, only if they're Gabriel Saloman (of Yellow Swans) and prominent Vancouver producer/DJ, Michael Red. Let Chambers bring you more than mere echoes and have them excite your ears in ways you could never have imagined right here;

Sigma Flare is out now in physical form and is out digitally on 9th October via Debacle Records – pre-order your copy here.