Premiere: Caustic 14 & Mike DMA – Lost Generation


In the outer reaches of space the station floated effortlessly through the night sky, navigating its way across a dark canvas painted with bright stars. A lost generation of humans had come to inhabit this territory in search of something greater than planet earth had to offer. Here they existed harmoniously alongside different worlds and species, they barely remembered the lives they'd previously led down below on solid ground…

Basic Moves continue their mission to showcase the forgotten corners of electronic music from their home country of Belgium. Making his return to the label for the third time, and the twelfth label release, is Sebastian S. under his Caustic 14 moniker, this time with a batch of exclusive tracks produced between 1993 and 1996. His textural sound shines brightly over the six tracks; a healthy mix of crisp breaks, jungle drum workouts and bleepy electro.

To quote the label "these compositions emerged during many sleepless nights spent watching videos of science fiction series such as Babylon 5 or Star Trek, scrutinising each episode while composing. Behind these six pieces are six keywords that have a story: BWP, PK, Network, D-jacking Zone Elypsia, Planet-E and Brussels! Another fantastic release from Basic Moves showcasing the rich history of Belgium.