Premiere: Casiopepe – Acid e Pepe


As if by magic freedom had arrived. Months and months spent isolated from the world had come to an end, measures had been lifted and socialising en masse reinstated. The wheels had been set in motion for an internal shift in routine and behaviour; there was much to take in, a lot to reassess but, most importantly, a ton of lost time to make up for.

Eltron’s Dom Trojga imprint have been banking something very special for their next record: a three-tracker from Casiopepe, the brainchild of two producers and good friends operating between Warsaw and Berlin.

Originally set for release last summer, pandemic delays and the world coming to a standstill prompted Dom Trojga to hold this one back until freedom was upon us. And for good reason; the release — which funnels elements of acid, trance and continental disco through a Euro dance lens — is packed full of emotion, brimming with euphoria, nostalgia, joy and hope for the future.