Premiere: Casbah 73 – Love Saves The Day (Rahaan Remix)


The old abandoned apartment lay vacant, it was as if nobody had ever lived there at all. It were as if there had never been an illustrious party night by night within which freedom was encouraged and liberty was embraced. It was if it had never happened. Love saved the day they'd said. This is what the night had embodied and represented to the out of towners, some of whom had travelled hundreds of miles to visit the loft. Now there was little to show for this place but for some tattered brickwork and the etched writing on the wall. 

Roll up, roll up, summer is just around the corner and we have the heat. Casbah 73 is set to release a spectacular new EP on Lovemonk Records, a dancefloor destroyer if we ever did hear one. He is remixed by none other than the finest Rahaan and together they bring us what is perhaps the biggest track of the year to date so far? You decide. Listen below: 


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