Premiere: Carisma – Listos


The calendar had been marked with thick black crosses, the countdown had begun. When they'd picked it, it was but a speck on the horizon, a far off event that they hadn't needed to give a second thought to. But now it was creeping up, gaining on them faster and faster. Were they ready? They'd have to be. The date was set and there was no changing it now…

To inaugurate their brand new label Amplio Espectro, Argentinian duo Carolina Stegmayer & Ismael Pinkler join forces under their Carisma alias to release Escenas, a soundtrack for eight imagined movie scenes spanning processed synths, meditative drums and robotic melodies. On a wider scale, the label will act as a platform for the pair to release their own music, as well as productions from their friends and forgotten Argentinian electronic cuts from the 90s and early 00s, with their mantra being "music without prejudice, to dream in the club or to bluetooth dance in bed."