Premiere: Calabashed – All Of The Lights


They glimmered and flickered down below as he floated amidst the darkness. Up in the sky above Canary Wharf he gazed out upon a bittersweet city. That merry go round, it kept on spinning, endlessly turning in a cosmic blur which seemed as if it might never stop. This was London, a chaotic bubble in the midst of a dying kingdom, yet all of the lights kept shining brightly on. It were as if they’d been left on for him alone to wander upon the moonlit sky and reflect upon the place he’d once existed. That was it, it had to be. 

Calabashed are an assortment of musicians based out of London’s Total Refreshment Centre. They are Maria Osuchowska, Donna Thompson, James Howard, Raimund Wong, Danalogue  of The Comet is Coming, Joshua Idehen & Alabaster DePlume. Their music sits somewhere between jazz and electronica, touching upon elements of hip hop and underpinned by beautiful, cosmic poetry which deciphers experience and life in the city. 

Listen below: