Premiere: Ca$hminus – Atlandwehr


The stream gently bubbled away, the soft light of the full moon illuminating the glistening waters. Each ripple sparkled as if diamonds studded the surface below. The water paved the way to an abandoned cove, a beautiful secret oasis completely tucked away from prying eyes. Smooth rock faces stretched up into the rafters decorated with bright green plants that draped low, skimming the surface of the water. This place was full of magic, home to creatures that were unwelcome in the outside world. Here they could exist freely.

Following an EP on Bordello A Parigi and an appearance on Rat Life Records last year, the Australian-Belgian duo, made up of Gratts and Eluize, release another instalment on their own label. Our pick is this fresh Italo influenced number, but the whole EP is a winner and features a wicked remix by HARD FIST's Cornelius Doctor.