Premiere: Maara – The Forbidden Plum


ISLA welcome Maara to the label for her sophomore EP.

A Potion Activated. Give in to the temptation of The Forbidden Plum. Take a bite and let the juice drip. Your journey begins with a hypnotic seduction, stoking the flames of desire as the voice in your head whispers, Want it so badly. Dark and sexy, the flames get higher. The walls sweat on your descent as you lose control. Flood lights sweep over the crowd of bodies, cutting through smoke.

For several years now ISLA has been serving up the best in ambient, experimental and trance-driven creations, welcoming artists like Ambien Baby, D.Tiffany, Pillow Queen, NAP and Le Fe to the label. Next up they’ve called on Maara for ‘A Potion Activated’, marking her second EP following a debut on Priori and Ex-Terrestrial’s NAFF imprint. Backed up by a remix and a collaboration from two label affiliates D.Tiffany and NAP, the release teeters ‘between heaven and hell’, delivering five trance-inducing rides into purgatory.


Buy Vinyl and Digital. Words by Hannah Karpinski.