Premiere: Budakid – Ringo Bingo (Nebraska Remix)


The room was electric, wild cheers and exclaims reverberated in the grand hall as winners danced atop tables and celebrated their little victories. The lights flickered and flashed, bouncing and darting between the old framework of this old, magnificent building. This was ringo bingo, the highlight of the working week, a chance for old souls and beautiful gamblers to risk it all and live their best lives. There was nothing like the high of a winning ticket, for some that was all they had left. 

Budakid is remixed by two powerhouse producers on Exploited, Nebraska & Benjamin Fröhlich have each reimagined the material of the producer, weaving the original into club ready material destined for the dancefloor. We have opted to premiere the Nebraska version, a house inspired, groove driven affair set to blow the roof off sun kissed clubs and dancefloors. 

Listen below:

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