Premiere: Bozzwell/Bradley – Voodoo Discoteque

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Dusting off some old Dat Tapes this hidden gem was found forged above a spoon factory.

In the mystical realm of Melodica, the renowned music producer Bozzwell Bradley ruled over the vibrant domain of the Voodoo Discoteque. This enchanted studio was a haven for both mortal musicians and magical beings alike. Bozzwell possessed a rare gift for infusing his music with the essence of the fantastical, creating music that transported listeners to realms beyond .

One moonlit night, a shimmering figure named Aurelia, a celestial being from a distant star, appeared at Voodoo Discoteque. Her ethereal voice resonated with the power to bend reality itself. Captivated by her celestial melodies, Bozzwell offered to collaborate with Aurelia, eager to channel her divine essence into his enchanting compositions.



As their musical collaboration unfolded, the studio transformed into a kaleidoscope of magic and wonder. The melodies they created unleashed a cascade of sparkling stardust, painting the air with vivid colors. The very walls of Voodoo Discoteque 68 Records pulsed with celestial energy.


Dusting off some old Dat Tapes in Bozzwell’s Studio, this hidden gem was found forged above  a spoon factory at Stag Works, Sheffield by Bozzwell and Chris Bradley, (Lex Records artists and Lights Down Low promoter), Voodoo Discoteque throbs.

Released on 68 Records on 22nd May for buying streaming on all digital devices here

Listen below: