Premiere: Böhm – Sunset Drive


The night was fast approaching as the car travelled quickly down the freeway with the lights of the big city glimmering behind. Sirens roared as the police chased and followed with chaotic rage, they were furious. How on earth could he have ever gotten away with it? Many had tried and failed to rob the bank but he had pulled it off with staggering ease. Tyres screeched as they rallied fast into the sunset, a pale dusty pink sky hung thick overhead as if offering a sombre tone to reflect the mood of the heated chase. It was hot and wild that night, a sunset drive with a hectic pace. 

Böhm is set to release a new EP on Echocentric Records, a happy go lucky dancefloor affair which is bound to delight and move many. Four tracks which feature beautiful arpeggios, rumbling acid and a distinct flair. 

Listen below:

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