Premiere: Bogdan – Sevkabel Acid (Uninc & Kolomensky Remix)


The port welcomed boats and ships from all over the world, a meeting place for people to share tales of their intrepid journeys. There was much hustle and bustle as the nomadic groups stepped on to solid ground and greeted one another. Joyous cries rang around the port, it had been months, years even since these travellers had seen one another. After a few days they would part ways and take their travels to a new corner of the world, but they would always return. This place was their home from home.


Moscow-based label ИДА are set to release the 10th record on their imprint, this time from Saint-Petersburg producer Bogdan who makes up one half of Soft Metal. The four original tracks display his love of breakbeat, acid and percussion, with signature remixes from Vilnius producer Miskotom and label heads Uninc & Kolomensky.