Premiere: Bænglund – shecantluvya


There was no way that he could turn back now, not now that he had come this far. Somehow he had managed to escape her vice like grip and reach a point in which he felt alive and free. Wandering through the darkness of the night, between shadowy tall buildings and flickering lights he knew one thing – she could never love him in the same way as the drums did. She would never be able to entice him, make him move beneath the rumble of the weight of the percussion. She might be a sorceress but she could never do that, his love was for something else. 

Bænglund readies a new EP on Gnistan Records – this one is a weird, wonky, groovy affair destined for the heads down dancefloor. It’s sentimental, wise and lends a nod to the elegance of deep house which has come before but with its own twist. 

Listen below: