Premiere: Blue Hour – Radiance Limelight (Sugar Remix)


The shimmering orb floated in the midst of the room as onlookers watched perplexed by its magnificent motion and glow. There was a radiance limelight which poured across the room as each tiny spectacle flickered with a different shimmer as the orb moved back and forth. It was a magnetic pulse, a beating heart amidst a great empty chamber. The life and soul of a generation which had landed from outer space. In the grand turbine they concluded that this would be their new hero, their new god and the upmost power. 

Blue Hour has announced a remix EP, a spectacular techno – trance fuelled crossover which focusses on the talent emerging from Copenhagen in recent times. Fast paced, euphoric and high energy, the release features three unique remixes ready to lighten spirits and raise the roof amidst the small hours. 

Listen to Sugar's remix of 'Radiance Limelight' below: