Premiere: Blood Blood – Ld50


His palms sweating, trying to control his body from shaking so much, he nodded at the sorceress to continue the reading. The Devil was already face up on the table. That much I know already, he thought to himself, but it stung to feel his present situation staring back at him, his eyes glowing with malevolence. He watched intently as the next card was drawn, willing for some light to shine on his future. Ten of Swords. Fuck. "What does that signify?" he asked the sorceress, but he already felt the answer lurching around in his gut. It was right there on the card – a man who looked uncannily like himself, lying face down in a pool of dark red blood with ten swords sticking out of his back.

Glasgow artist Davey Gwynne aka Blood Blood (also a member of Machines In Heaven) returns with his fourth solo album. Out 25th May via Hot Gem, Black Tarot nods to artists such as Ben Frost, Claude Speeed and Flying Lotus, while getting lost in its own unique sonic labyrinth. Listen to 'LD50' below, whose blissful vocal dovetails with warm synths and gentle piano:

Black Tarot is out 25th May via Hot Gem.

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