Premiere: Blâme – Berçeuse


There was a rumble beneath the city streets as the subway raced from station to station underground. Down in the tunnels below there was a whole other world, hidden out of sight from the glitz and glamour of the skyscrapers and towerblocks. People lived rough, danced rough and gathered together as a dusty cult with mythical ideologies and unusual identities. They were wild and free, not rule bound in the same way as those were by the daylight. They lived amidst a twisted kingdom of darkness and thick air but they were sure as hell better than what was up top. 

Blâme is set to release a new EP on [re]sources – a heady EP with elements of dancehall, dub, idm, breakbeat and beyond. It's rounded off by a wicked collection of remixes featuring contributions from Mr Mitch, Piezo and more. 

Listen below:

The EP will be available from the 6th of March.