Premiere: Black Devil Disco Club – Sweet Sins


The room was warm and stuffy, the smell of last night's alcohol and cigarettes lingered heavy in the air. He perched himself on the end of the bed, unable to sleep in the sweltering heat. Last night had got away from him; things had got a little out of control. What had started out as just a couple of drinks had spiralled into something much bigger. Now he knew he'd have questions to answer, this definitely wouldn't go unnoticed. Was it really worth the sin?

43 years ago, legendary disco producer Black Devil, the alias of French electronic library composer Bernard Fevre, crafted one of the most acclaimed electronic masterpieces – his debut album Black Devil Disco Club – a record far ahead of its time. The album was reissued in 2004 on Rephlex leaving listeners bewildered by its original time stamp. UK-based imprint Lo Recordings went on to release his 28 After album in 2006 and now, 14 years later, they're putting out the last ever Black Devil record, a new album entitled Lucifer Is A Flower. Complete with a packaged design, that includes pictures of Devil in his heyday, the album is a fitting tribute to a pioneer with over 40 years in the game.