Premiere: Birds – Tunnel Vision


The day’s newspapers were stacked on her porch, ready for her to peruse alongside her morning caffeine injection. She flicked through each one slowly, tracing each line with her finger as she devoured one after the next. Neither paper was wildly different from the next, each brandishing slogans and headlines that made her bite down on her lip and furiously tap her finger on the table. Sometimes she wondered if it would be better to shut herself off from current affairs and play ignorant instead. But that’s not the way she worked, she knew she could only move towards harmony and change with knowledge on her side.

Birds is the moniker of producer, DJ and Netil Radio resident Katie Wilkinson. With a few releases under her belt, she gears up for the second part of her debut release on Höga Nord as part of their 7″ single series. Following the release of the A-Side ‘Transcendental Phases’ in May, she’s set to release ‘Tunnel Vision’, an acidic ode to the idea of finding harmony in what one has around them and seeking out the positive, despite living in a society that perpetuates the opposite feeling.