Premiere: Bioroot- Lgan


He traipsed around the empty streets of the dilapidated town, cutting a lonely, somewhat ghostly figure. He sighed, his shoulders heavy. Everyone he knew had gone. Moved on to pastures new. He missed them dearly. Missed the laughter, the fun.

Wandering up one of the side streets, he realised he'd stumbled into unfamiliar territory. "How odd," he muttered to himself, curiously. "I've never been up here before." As he meandered further up the cobbled street his ears pricked up. A beat carried on breeze and down towards him. Where was it coming from? He followed it, like a hound follows a scent, until he caught it. He stopped outside what appeared to be an old tavern. Nervously and cautiously he pushed the door ajar. Joyous laughter and music filled the room. He stood staring in awe and began to cry tears of happiness. 

Bioroots Drift EP is the inaugural release on Enclave Records, a label whose ethos is to deliver house, disco and techno without all the gimmicks. They aim to be "solace from the meaningless, the throwaway, the empty."

Dive into 'LGAN' below:

To pre-order, head HERE.

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