Premiere: Bill Converse – Living Chord


The travellers hurried across the pebbled beach, clutching their hoods to try and shelter themselves from the heavy rain. The stones crunched loudly underfoot as they began to pick up pace. As they reached the waters edge they came to a standstill, unsure of which route to take next. Across the jagged rocks before them stood a tall cave, cavernous and intimidating in its manner. As they approached the entrance pitch black darkness greeted them. There was no knowing what lay inside but they couldn't turn back now, they had no other choice but to enter the abyss. Austin, Texas producer

Bill Converse brings his love of analogue hardware back to Dark Entries for his third long player on the San Francisco-based label. Hallways displays a darker side to Bill's productions than his previous releases, taking you on an 80 minute journey through crunchy synths and heavy drum machines. Bill describes the concept of the LP: “one idea for this album is 'through bardos’, the gap or moment of transition between two things according to Buddhism. Like an experience in meditation and attempting to find realization/s on the way through the illusory and interdependent nature of good old fashioned REALITY.”