Premiere: Benoit B – Drums Symphony


They banged and banged and banged. All night long, the rumble of the percussion could be heard in the corridors and grand halls of the great warehouse – a symphony of drums almost hypnotic in their tone and their style. The pace was relentless, drummers beating their sticks furiously whilst dancers moved chaotically in the darkness like wild shadows of the night. Why it was this way he did not know. Once a year they would gather to tear themselves apart beneath the steel chamber – a wild night of dancing as an escape from all else. 

Benoit B is a producer who never fails to surprise and delight. Whether it’s crafting oddball ambient experiments or piecing together leftfield club bangers it can be hard to know what you are going to get from this very talented producer. This next EP on Australian imprint Animals Dancing is destined for the dancefloor yet maintains the playful sensibilities and creative expression of a musician very much focussed on having fun and doing whatever the hell they like. 

Listen below: