Premiere: Becker & Mukai – The Double


As I step into the colour-strewn room, I am met with my own reflection. Canvassed in contorted sheets of scratched metal, the room catches glimpses of my every angle, with each beam of light making its way to my eye-line. A moment of vanity shifts into a moment of self-loathing as the initially flattering reflection turns into one of flaws and faults… But as I stop focusing on myself, I notice the shift of the mirrors and the delay of the reflections. The spell dissipates and the simulacrum is revealed. Myself, filtered through angles, mirrors and my own changing perception isn’t a self worth knowing.

Part-Japanese, part-Parisian duo Mukai AKA Zongamin and Becker return with their experimental new track ‘The Double”, taken from their new album Time Very Near. The pair build on their background in film composition and impressive collaborations with the likes of Floating Points and Massive Attack to release music that entices your imagination and compels you to move your feet. The track features panic-stricken drums, warbly basslines and reality-warping musical change-ups.