Premiere: Bawrut – AndreW


The ship had been on its expedition for decades; its captain sailing it to new and undiscovered locations, capturing the hearts of new found friends and creating memories that would last forever. Many faces joined the voyage along the way, helping the captain steer the ship in new directions. There was no final destination in mind, there never had been — only the journey mattered.

Our own pal Bozza AKA Bawrut lends a hand in inaugurating London-based imprint Other Goodness with Divergent Emotions, a collection of three tracks that, like the title suggests, pull from different moods and feelings. Produced during lockdown, the tracks were made with home listening in mind rather than the club — well, almost all, there’s still that no-nonsense Bawrut flair on the opener. The other two tracks bring different flavours: ‘Sunshine’ channels that post-rave feeling and ‘AndreW’, which is a special tribute to the Guv’nor himself, matches chugging rhythms with melancholic synth lines.