Premiere: Bartellow feat Jonas Friedlich – Dogz Out


A small dog sat on the porch watching the world go by amidst tall green plants and various dust covered ornaments. From morning to night he waited patiently, the all-seeing eye of the neighbourhood. The guard of his station. Every day he'd see all manner of things happen on the street in front of him. He held a lot of secrets; he knew of next door's late night visitors, the dysfunctional relationship at number 30 and the burglaries across the street. If these eyes could speak…

To celebrate five years of her label Love On The Rocks, Berlin-based DJ Paramida has compiled an LP featuring both new and returning artists. For 'Supergau' – meaning "a disaster beyond all expectations" – she brings together a stellar cast of producers including Francis Inferno Orchestra, Violet, Etbonz and Kornél Kovács to explore the boundaries between disco, acid, house and new wave.