Premiere: Balam – Noches Salvajes


Hair styled, make up applied; it wasn’t every day she dolled herself up for a night out. These days she mostly found herself chained to her computer until long nights rolled into early mornings. Wild nights had become a thing of the past, replaced by towering piles of reports and back-to-back meetings with clients at obscene time differences. She yearned for these nights to return; to have an opportunity to lose control and break free from routine…

Lyon collective and label Hard Fist welcome Argentinian producer and remixer Balam to the family for his ninth release. Having contributed a couple of tracks to their compilation series, both RePhrase Collection and their most recent V/A outing Le Danse, now they invite him to take centre stage with Chants of Pachamama, the first of a two-part release. Flaunting Balam’s signature rhythms and percussion, that tip the hat to his Latin heritage, the EP blends elements of acid and electronica, whilst being firmly rooted in traditional and ancestral Amazonian music.