Premiere: Azu Tiwaline – Itrik


She runs her hand through the foliage that follows along the trail – desire paths projected from her future self, divining the way back to the tribe. As light makes its way through the tall trees in abstract patterns, she feels her anxieties evaporating like fine mist from the waters ahead… inner peace amongst the surrounding chaos as the shadows absorb her ego. Her heart rumbles with profound rhythm, like a centrifuge of the soul.

Tunisian producer Azu Tiwaline’s track ‘Itrik’ is an undertaking of hypnotism that taps in to ancestral roots. An exploration of the contrast between light and dark, the song melds traditional North African-sentimentalities and Berber music with more contemporary electronic influences. Her focused approach to production sits glittering synths atop an undercurrent of ritualistic groove that’s enough to make anybody go native.