Premiere: Avtomat – Szeptucha (Hex Therapy)


For miles and miles the streets were filled with people, the roar of the crowd ringing loudly through the city. In their swathes they’d come together to fight for basic human rights; no matter the outcome their voices would be heard. Regardless of the obstacles they would have to contest with, they would never give up the fight.

Polish DJ, producer, activist and Ciężki Brokat and Oramics Member Avtomat inaugurates Polish label Tańce with Gusła (Human Rites), his first full release in seven years. An important figure in the country’s queer scene, Avtomat cites the EP as a “scream of a community put up against the wall” with the four tracks representing a sonic response to the Polish government’s inhumane views toward LGBTQIA+ people. Written during a turbulent time this year for both Avtomat and the queer scene, the abrasive tracks are informed by Polish folk polyrhythms and peppered with droning vocal manipulations.

Read about Avtomat’s recent arrest during a Polish protest and listen to his Ransom Note mix. Read More about how Poland’s music scene are fighting for LGBTQIA+ communities.