Premiere: Athlete Whippet – Your Love is Lifting Me


They'd asked if she wanted the bad news or the good news first. But even with the good shoe-horned in, the bad still overuled. She'd half expected this situation to transpire soon, but the reality was completely different. As the tears began to stain her cheeks, he placed his hand on hers and pulled her close. That was all she needed in that moment; love was the only thing that could lift her.

Since their conception in 2016, London-based duo Athlete Whippet have brought a fusion of musical influences to the table, resulting in timeless contemporary jams that showcase the wide breadth of their musial palette. For their next release titled Your Love Is Lifting Me, which finds a home on the pair's own imprint Squareglass, they continue to explore these signature sounds, this time with both eyes fixed firmly on the dance floor. Conceived as an ode to solidarity and compassion in these current times, the EP aims to connect people through the lens of electronic music, and the uplifting, optimistic and emotional sentiments across the release are guaranteed to do just that.