Premiere: Ashworth – Nine (Dorisburg Remix)


One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine. Nine. Nine. Nine. The deadly number, the hotline of emergency buzzed and rung all night long in that tiny room. It was his job to answer, the need was great and the burden of the task weighed heavy on his mind. He musn't fall asleep now though his eyes had began to lose focus. The phone kept ringing and ringing. In the distance the sirens roared through the midnight streets and the lights flashed, but he was far away from that, he was on the other end of the line. Nine, Nine, Nine. 

Needwant have announced a remix EP of Ashworth's 'Grain'. Dorisburg, one half of Genius of Time, is the first to step up to remix duties and establishes a track which balances soft percussion with clattering drum stabs. Listen Below: 

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