Premiere: Ash Is – EQZ


Flying through the far away cosmos the small spaceship was travelling at the speed of light. It careered between glowing stars and dangerous clusters, swirled and circled amidst the dotted planets and whizzed by new worlds at the blink of an eye. It was destined to travel for a thousand years out in the deepest, darkest corners of space before returning back to earth with a spectacular bang. The mission was to see new life, in whatever form that might take. They were out there to be discovered, it was simply a matter of time. 

Neptune Discs is a newly launched record label from Edinburgh. They are set to release a split EP from Ash Is and Tape Hiss on the 1st of August next month. We've chosen to premiere a track from Ash Is, an intriguing euphoric house affair with nods to the late night dancers. 

Listen below: