Premiere: Arne Spremberg – Keines (Man Power’s Tropical Bastard Version)


The train was parked stationary in the distance. The metallic frame looked out of place against the scenic backdrop of the mountain peaks. The rusted wheels were crusty and orange, the paint of each carriage flaked and tattered. There was an ancient myth as to how it had ended up here, abandoned and ruined amidst the leafy pines. Many years had passed since it had entertained the glamorous guests and passengers of ancient days. It had once been a thing of beauty. It still was really, in its own way. 

Arne Spremberg is set to release an EP on his newly launched record label Domum. The Chalet regular has built a reputation as one of Vienna's finest and the EP is accompanied by a remix from our good pal Man Power. Listen below: 

Buy the release HERE

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