Premiere: Antoine Rouge – Dodging The Steamroller – Centurians Of Rome


It's the year 2080, in a futuristic, cyber version of Rome. You are riding in a digital chariot driven by the downloaded essence of Virgil's soul. He will be your guide for this evening. Bright neon strip lights illuminate the streets, which are narrow, based on their original ancient plan. Scatterings of ancient monuments and buildings still exist around unexpected corners, shadowed by the hyper Coloseum – a new structure, built in honour of the new Centurian of Rome.

The Centurian of Rome is a newly created title for the overlord of this neo-Republic city state, his real name is Antoine Rouge. His colosseum is a mile in diameter and dominates the city with compressed scenes of modern warfare reenacted inside it's battledome. Virgil guides you around the outside of the Colosseum to the heaving shanty town that has grown up around its eastern edge. It's a confrontation of haphazard huts and and tarpaulin canopies, waste flowing in the streets and children skipping amongst the piles of plastic carrier bags and decaying electrical goods.

Virgil tells you that amongst the winding, labyrinthine streets of the slum there is an old lady you must speak to. You wend your way, left to your own devices at this point, until you find the lady who appears to be expecting your visit. She clears her throat and begins to speak, you haven't worked out what she's about to say when a huge steam roller barges through the settlement, demolishing homes in its path and crushing the two of you to death. The end.

To clarify, Centurians of Rome is an excellent new label from Timothy J Fairplay. It can be found right here.
Antoine Rouge is the first ever vinyl release. Four Trax of transcendental phase distortion Wavehouse from the self proclaimed Star Warrior.