Premiere: Antenna Happy – Body (Reinhardt Records)


As you walk down a dark, desolate alleyway in search of that fiver you promised the cabbie you had just five minutes ago, though you're pretty sure it was just an old receipt for some Minstrels, you'll find yourself becoming overwhelmed by even the slightest hint of noise. However, once a sudden pulsating bass seeps into your ears you'll find all the confidence in the world flowing through you and you can stand tall and proud, afraid of no man.

Of course, you've still got no idea how you're going to pay the cabbie but with this driven beauty filling your ears you can march your way home at a pace that would make Paula Radcliffe envious. Antenna Happy has certainly cleared any cobwebs away with this belter and you can feast on this aural goodness again and again.

Go on, take that first juicy bite;

Body is out on 14th September via Reinhardt Records, grab your copy here.