Premiere: Anklepants – Insideyourfacedubstep…


Wherever your pants are, in fact, wherever your ankles are it doesn't matter any more as everything you once held dear is about to be torn down in a matter of minutes. Why? Because Anklepants is here to mess with things in so many ways that the box in the back of your head that you used to repress memories in isn't going to be big enough any more and your mind will become a haze of memories you wish you had forgotten.

But Mr Murgatroyd I don't want to ge…

Moving swiftly on, everyone's favourite phallic-nosed music-maker returns with a track whose title is so long that even Usain Bolt would have trouble finishing it in under ten seconds. Yes, 'Insideyourfacedubstepbeanstalktoheavenfortheatheist' is very much the word on everyone's lips and it'll soon be all over yours too.

All the cool kids are saying it, here's why;

Social Patching And The Pixel Pageant Facéd Boy is out now via Love Love Records. Get yourself down to Power Lunches for the release party on 10th October