Premiere: Andrew Weatherall – Slap And Slide


There's no story to tell here… Usually we write a poem, a piece of prose or a passage per premiere. However, in this case the story has already been told. A humble gentleman who produced music across decades and lit a spark in the underbelly of British dance and electronic music culture. This EP wasn't supposed to be so poignant. Andrew Weatherall was a friend to many and this much was clear by the widespread outpouring of love which was shown in the aftermath of his passing. 

This record was recorded in a studio down an alleyway in South London as the label describe the coming together behind the EP. 

"When I asked Andrew about these tracks, he told me 'the great thing about not being signed to a major a label is that it’s liberating. No deadlines, no restraints, no pressures. The result – the creative process is completely free. There’s a blank canvas in the studio, you can pretty much go anywhere you want.'

Andrew Weatherall is constantly creating and filing it under various categories so that he can meet the needs of the copious amounts of people he’s made rash promises to deliver music to. His Moton file has gathered some weight and from this stash we arrive at his release for Pamela Records . The tracks were written by Andrew Weatherall with studio pal Nina Walsh sharing the writing credits in part. Nina has also contributed samples from her extensive arsenal of sample weapons."


Listen below: