Premiere: Andres Aguirre – Rejuvenation


She sat beneath the trees, on the bench that they had shared on their first visit to the city. The skies were dappled with cotton, and the autumn sun glimpsed through the slightly brown leaves, freckling her legs with their kind shade. This had been a favourite space. Each year they had come and sat and held each other tighter, every time they had come back stronger and more resolute. Now she did it alone, and although the sadness was overwhelming, the flickering memories and his smile in her eyes made her feel just like the first time.

Mexican Andres Aguirre opener on his new EP for Forbidden Colours is awash with 909 percussion and repeated motifs, subtle circular riffs and some gentle keys before a simple bass and strings break it into a summery house cut. Vintage and reminiscent, spacey, electronic and sublime.

Andres Aguirre – Last Call EP is released by Forbidden Colours on 14th October 2016 and can be pre-ordered HERE.

Ivan Smagghe's Editorial Note

"Thank you John Betjeman but I can't really hear the first part about the girl, the  awashed 909 I can though".

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