Premiere: Andreas Gehm – Captain Future


He walked into the room with a sense of purpose and destiny. He unbuttoned his shirt and threw his suit jacket abruptly towards the floor revealing a bright yellow suit which dazzled beneath. Upon his chest a branded letter, the magical 'F'. He was Captain Future, a mysterious character who had been lurking amidst the shadows of the city and had saved the day more than once or twice. He would dance and be merry on the wildest of nights, yet fight crime in the early hours with a righteous sense of justice and honour. Tonight was his night, the big reveal, soon the world would know the true power of Captain Future…

The late Andreas Gehm is set to release a new EP on Berlin via Glasgow based record label Schrödinger's Box, this track take from the new record is a fun filled no holds barred rave banger full of nods to the nostalgic days of old but with a modern day twist. Big track. 

Listen below: 

Vinyl available via, all good record stores and coming soon on bandcamp.