Premiere: Anatolian Weapons – Chant Three


The fire burned bright, the roaring flames unfurling in shades of orange and red. Sparks showered down through the darkness met by murmurs and cheers from the crowd spread around its fringes. As if under a spell they swayed and moved their bodies in unison, the indefinable words leaving their lips morphing into ritualistic chant…

For their third release, Berlin nightclub Sameheads enlist the help of friends and celebrated artists to contribute to a four track V/A; the result is a batch of spaced-out dance floor cuts that touch on a variety of influences and step outside genre and convention. There's a fun-packed synth jam from Mameen 3 (a side-project of Brussels' DJ Sofa) and Romanian producer Rodion G.A, a dubwise closer from SHAKEY – the meeting of minds of Silvia Kastel and Wilted Woman, KRENG bring sludgy syncopated beats on the B-Side and our pick, from Greek producer Anatolian Weapons, who brings back the ritualistic chant over punchy bass and drums, before building to a climactic finish. The artwork was conceived by Crosslucid AKA Sylwana Zybura and Tomas C. Toth, who deliver their signature perception-bending viewpoint.