Premiere: Amir Alexander Presents Richie Ratchet – Infinity!


Richie Ratchet might not be a name you're overly familiar with yet… but if the words Amir Alexander were to enter your ears – or indeed your eyes – you could easily be forgiven for letting a grin creep across your face. Not to question your knowledge on these matters but if you didn't already know, they are indeed one and the same. Rejoice, for there is a brand new Ratchet release on the way from Bristolian vinyl addicts Just Jack that R$N are rather keen on, produced especially for Record Store Day 2015.

And dear god it's some pure acid jackin' goodness. 

You can get your ears around one of the two tracks from this RSN special release right here.

It's time to get your listening ears on, crank it up and get that acid in you.


Amir Alexander Presents Richie Ratchet The Infinity EP will be out on 18th April via Just Jack Recordings and in all good record stores on Saturday.