Premiere: Alt.Aire – Origin (Metropolitan Soul Museum’s To The Floor Mix)


The roots of the story were buried in the depths of time, ancient knowledge lost the the ages, the origin was unknown….

Yellow Island are set to release a new EP from Alt.Aire – a beautifully crafted showcase of some of the most elegant house music that we’ve heard in a while. The story behind the release is perhaps best told by the label and people behind the project itself..

“Origin is Alt.Aire’s very first track: it came about whilst demoing parts of a live jam using a looping setup. Usually dads tell you to turn the volume down when you make loud music, but not Nick Woolfson (former Mock & Toof and Teng Records Records label boss), father of the brothers duo. Instead, after hearing the track, he suggested doing a remix with his project Metropolitan Soul Museum alongside Filippo Rocco. The MSM’ remix turned out to be very complimentary to Origin, moving away from the original’s soulful vibe and going more towards a dark 4/4 cut. Sometimes it’s beautiful how music moves across generations.

Filippo, having heard both tracks, came up with the idea of pairing them with an MSM original that was already having interest shown in it by labels and suggested Alt.Aire remix that track. A Family Affair EP was born.

The two pairs got in touch with a few labels, one of which was Brazil’s Yellow Island, a label that’s quickly establishing its name in the international scene and as they were looking for something fresh for their new series they decided that the Family Affair EP had found a home on their label.”

Listen below: