Premiere: Alma Negra – Dakar Disco (Kuniyuki Remix)


The city was crowded, people were wild and exuberant as the temperature began to drop and they were able to breathe once more. In a basement on the other side of town, down by the docks, music began to bump and play. It echoed and carried along the seafront as taxis began to whiz by and the lights of the city flickered and danced upon a dense black reflection which was the water. Soon this place would be lively and chaotic, much the like city streets of the present. The Dakar disco, where everyone came to dance. 

Alma Negra are set to release a new EP via Detroit Swindle’s record label Heist Recordings. An intriguing, percussive affair which would be perfect for the hot summer nights of a tropical climate. The release is rounded off with a remix by Kuniyuki. 

Listen below: