Premiere: Alex Albrecht pres. Melquíades – Denver Chimes


They shimmered and danced in the early morning breeze.

Those Denver chimes were elegant and graceful, their fluttering tones echoed through the morning as the dawn broke. The sky was a radiant mixture of pinks and blues and as he walked amongst the trees he felt that everything was right in the world. The park was quiet and still in the midst of the city, a perfect moment in time in which the city felt truly his own, undisturbed and peaceful. Soon everything would spring to life…

Alex Albrecht is a uniquely talented musician, an artist who draws upon environmental influences and is spectacularly talented at capturing the ambience and atmosphere of a space or place. His Melquíades project has been a firm favourite of ours and his latest release on Bouquet. Records is no exception. 

Listen below: