Premiere: Alder – The Fall Of Empire


There was a clear divide between us and them. A metaphorical wall of separation that was far too high to peer over. It was dictated by a hundred different factors; a rising bureaucracy, fearful and unforgiving leaders, a condemning of curiosity, to name but a few. It had been going on for centuries and is too majestic and massive a movement to stop…

Nantes-based record shop, coffee bar and label, 44 Tours, are bringing together four local artists to “fulfill the prophecy a drunk shaolin-cyborg once told them.” In an effort to combat a future led by wealthy capitalists, four producers are stepping up for the challenge; Alder, Same O, Marino & Berg Jaär. Each deliver their own take on breaks-driven electro and bass experiments which have been pulled together under the apt title, Confrérie, Pactole & Dividendes.